COALESCE | co·a·lesce \ ˌkō-ə-ˈles \

verb | to blend or come together to form one

The Designer

The concept began during the all-important shopping trip to India in search of her wedding outfits. Throughout her life, she's found the task of buying the perfect Indian outfit daunting and difficult. Finding the perfect garment that was up to speed with current trends while maintaining balanced traditional aesthetics was harder than it needed to be. She was never truly satisfied with anything she found. 


That's when the idea of coalesce was born.

Priya wanted to provide her outlook and vision to others. She quit her corporate job as a practicing CPA to go back to school and study fashion design. Like many other 2nd generation Indian-American women, Priya strives to embrace her unique culture and heritage. She ultimately wants to ensure her generation has an outlet to find clothing that truly combines the traditional beauty of Indian roots with the contemporary, minimal flair of Western fashion design.